First Class Machine Services At Affordable Prices

From design, block machining & rebuilding, we’ve got you covered. Our complete list of services include:

Block Machining:
Bore and Hone Engine Blocks Deck Machining
Blind Hole Engine Blocks Install Lifter Valley Screen
Cylinder Sleeve Installation Magnaflux for Cracks
Power Hone Cylinders Install Cam Bearings/Core Plugs
Performance Hone with Torque Plate Machine for Stroker Clearance
Align Hone Mains
Connecting Rods:
Recondition Big End Replace and fit pin bushings
Cylinder Head Work:
Valve Job Machine for Studs and Guide Plates
Resurface Seat Ring Replacement
Replace Valve Guides Gasket Match Ports
Machine for Positive Seals Measure Chamber Volume
Machine Spring pockets Contour and Blend Valve Pockets
Magnaflux for Cracks
Engine Work:
Disassemble and Inspect Parts Complete or Partial Engine Assembly
External Services:

Magna-flux Crankshaft Crankshaft Balancing
Polish Crankshaft Heavy Metal Installation
Grind Crankshaft Crankshaft Counter Weight Machining
Install O-Ring Grooves Install Receiver Grooves
Cleaning Services:
Engine Block and Cylinder Heads, Miscellaneous Components
Final Wash Block for Assembly Glass Bead Blasting
Spray Washing Ultrasonic Cleaning
Airless Shot Blasting
Piston Work:
Remove and Replace Pin Fit Pin Bores
Fly cut Valve Relief
Intake Manifold:
Resurface Sides and End Rails Gasket Match Ports
TIG Welding Services Offered